Global Digital Central was founded on the proposition that scientists and engineers in the digital era need innovative tools and platforms in which to publish and obtain all relevant information related to research, educational, outreach, and professional activities.

Global Digital Center offers two unique services:

Hub-Central Software Platform

  • Web-based dynamic platforms (Hub Centrals) to connect the members of your technical community in research, educational, outreach, and professional activities.

  • An innovative approach to market your work through technical hubs.

  • Highly customizable to meet your community's web software needs.
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Book Publishing

  • We use innovative and non-traditional approaches to publish your work with exceptional quality and low cost in a short amount of time.

  • Authors or editors of books will receive a royalty of 40% compared to the average 12% with traditional scientific publishers.

  • Books are preproduced with high quality at less than 50% of traditional publication costs.
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