Global Digital Central, under the publishing name Global Digital Press, publishes original textbooks, monographs, and edited volumes in all disciplines including engineering, science, and medicine. Published books are available for purchase in high-quality print and in digital format for maximum impact. Books available online can be viewed for free with no option to save or print.

Books published by Global Digital Press:
To purchase this book, click here.
To purchase this book, click here.

Proposals for new books or new editions of existing books are welcome. Please contact us with your proposal or send an e-mail to The following information should be included in the book proposal:

  • Proposed title for the book
  • Narrative description of the proposed book
  • Tentative table of contents
  • Resumes of the authors
  • One sample chapter if available
  • A timeline for completing the book
  • Intended users of the book
  • Other relevant information