A Hub Central is a professional and technical community platform. It is a highly effective way of providing important services for members of professional societies and clubs. Hub Central is collaborative platform built using many established Web 2.0 technologies such as Apache, PHP, MySQL, AJAX, and more.

The Hub Central platform was developed by Global Digital Central to create dynamic websites that can easily connect technical community members in research, educational, outreach, and professional activities. Hub Central allows you to create such a dynamic website for a technical community with instant access to various applications, including e-Books, Journals, Encyclopedia, Events, Jobs, News, Who's Who, and Links. The Hub Central philosophy is to give the community user-friendly access to all relevant information for maximum impact.

A Hub Central has the following available features:
Each application platform is available on an individual basis, or you can manage a Hub-Central with multiple applications.

Global Digital Central can tailor the Hub Central for your specific technical community, whether you are only interested in a single application platform, or require a variety of platforms customized with additional features.

Key features which come standard with every application platform:

  • We host the website from our secure server and perform all necessary server maintenance. No extra hosting fees.
  • We'll assist with the registration of a domain name if you don't already have one, or allow you to point an already existing domain name to our server.
  • We can have your website live within a week's time for a standard configuration.
  • Special assistace with customization and design, such as a site logo, is available if you wish to further customize your hub central.
  • A comprehensive backup system to protect your data.
  • Easy-to-use administration panels for complete control of your hub's applications.

We offer a leasing license to implement an individual or multiple application platforms on our server. Your Hub Central will be tailored to your needs initially and you will have full control over the front-end operation of each application. You maintain full ownership of your hub's data, and can request a full copy of your data if you decide to cancel your lease.

Because we can customize each Hub Central according the your requirements, pricing options will vary. For more information about starting a Hub Central, please contact us with any questions you have. Please include your community name, size and any special features or requirements you may have.