The Global Digital Central Journals platform is a journal management and publishing system which provides journal managers, editors, and authors with the tools necessary to manage a successful journal. The Journals platform focuses on developing a simple but robust approach to each stage of journal publication. Through this system journal managers, editors, and authors will spend less time worrying about the technicalities of journal publishing and more time managing the content that will define the journal. Furthermore, you can reduce editorial involvement through an enforced submission standard which requires authors to be their own typesetters.

There are three major advantages in Global Digital Central Journals compared to traditional journals: speed, accuracy, and minimal cost. These are due to innovative, user-friendly software developed by us to reduce editorial burden and provide state-of-the-art electronic publications. These innovations, however, require authors to prepare accepted manuscripts for publication according to the required format.

Key Functionality:

  • Ensure that only articles of the highest quality are published by utilizing the journal's multiple-round peer-review process.
  • Fast, quality publications - setting up a new journal takes only minutes using the back-end journal management software.
  • All journal content is managed in an easy-to-use interface.
  • The journal system features a powerful search engine for user convenience.
  • Maximum usage and impact - enable the subscription service to provide users with automatic notification when new issues are published.
  • Save time in every step of the process by taking advantage of integrated email templates.

Journals Demo: Thermal-Fluids Central Journals

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