The Global Digital Central News platform provides a user-friendly software package necessary to effectively collect and distribute news throughout your user base. The web-based News platform is built on a highly customizable framework which offers you the ability to control every detail of news submission, creation, and publication with minimal time. Over time, the news platform aids communities in developing a comprehensive archive of past and present news which serves as an invaluable resource to users.

Key Functionality:

  • Display the latest news to ensure your community stay informed.
  • Create, customize, publish, and e-mail newsletters.
  • Maintain an archive of news relevant to your community for future reference.
  • Encourage users to subscribe to an e-mail newsletter in order to receive the most relevant news.
  • Quickly share existing news through an easy-to-use administrator interface.
  • Compose original news articles to share with your community.
  • Accept and publish user-suggested news items.
  • Manage a comprehensive newsletter mailing list.
News Demo: Thermal-Fluids Central News

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