The Global Digital Central Who's Who platform provides a user-friendly software package used to create a web-based directory of technical members your community. The Who's Who platform is built on a customizable framework using PHP and MySQL and offers the ability to control every detail of what data is stored and how it is displayed. The who is who platform aids groups in developing a long-lasting, accurate resource directory of important individuals in a specific community.

Key Functionality:

  • Maintain a directory archive of important individuals within a community.
  • Powerful search engine to help find individuals in a certain field or location.
  • Easily add new members with a simple entry submission system.
  • Ability to update entries to keep information accurate.
  • Contact individuals directly through the application without fear of e-mail phishing.
  • Easy-to-use administration panel to manage entries and submissions.
  • Screen submitted entries to ensure accurate entries.

Who's Who Demo: Thermal-Fluids Central Who's Who

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